Have a
look at the
we have
for sale in
the New
York area.
To inquire
about a
puppy, call
And when you buy
a French bulldog
puppy from Ron’s
Puppies, we are
happy to offer
training advice to
help you and your
new puppy make
the transition. We
make sure our
customers are
happy with their
French bulldog
French bulldogs
from Ron’s
Puppies are not
AKC registered.
However, all of
our puppies come
to their new
homes with
shots, papers
and health
guarantees. A
five-year vet plan
is also available
for our
customers in New
For over 30 years,
Ron’s Puppies has
been breeding
bulldog puppies. We
have a great deal of
experience breeding
French bulldog litters
that are healthier
and have good
temperaments. We
work hard to breed
out negative traits
and genetic health
We're a private breeder,
not a pet store -- so we
are able to eliminate the
middleman and keep our
French bulldog prices
lower. That also allows
us to provide more
personalized customer
service: We work directly
with our customers to
make sure they’re happy
and the puppy adjusts
well to its new home in
New York.
Want a small bulldog
that’s just happy to be
your friend? Try a
French bulldog puppy
from Ron’s Puppies!
“Frenchies” are very
social, love attention,
make good companion
animals for people of all
ages, from elderly
people to families with
young children. And
they are small enough to
be good apartment dogs.
Here are photos of our French Bulldog puppies for sale. If you are interested in these puppies, please
call us today at 347- 733-2241.
French Bulldog Puppy for Sale in NY
French Bulldog Pup for 


French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldog’s large, upright ears and wrinkled faces are adorable, iconic traits unique to their breed. Ron’s Puppies’ French Bulldog puppies for sale in NY feature the best characteristics of this lovable breed, from their sweet personalities to their strong, sturdy bodies. As a private breeder, Ron’s Puppies works with each pup individually so they become personable, well-adjusted pups that are ready to join your home.

French Bulldogs are the smallest of the Bulldog breeds, and they make excellent lap dogs. If you are looking for a pal to cuddle up with, the French Bulldog will be waiting on the couch for you. Their large ears are their most noticeable characteristic, though they are also smaller, lighter and have fewer wrinkles than the English Bulldog. Like the English Bulldog, Frenchies are not especially active and, though they enjoy playtime and attention, their short legs and scrunched faces make them more suitable to easy walking or shorter games.

Find your new pet and a wonderful addition to your home in the French Bulldog gallery. Call Ron’s Puppies for more information and to take home your lovable companion today.